Call for Project Concepts to Address Gender-Based Violence

Everyone has the right to live a life free from violence. But there are many Canadians across the country who continue to face violence every day simply because of their gender expression, gender identity or perceived gender. This is gender-based violence (GBV). This kind of violence can take many forms: cyber, physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, and economic. Neglect and harassment are also forms of GBV. Violence can have negative effects that span generations, and this often leads to cycles of violence and abuse within families and sometimes whole communities. GBV holds us all back.

Status of Women Canada is launching a call for concepts for projects addressing gaps in supports for specific groups of Gender-Based Violence survivors in Canada (including Indigenous women and their communities, and underserved populations).

The deadline to submit applications under this Call for Concepts is 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time, March 1, 2018.

To learn more, please visit this site.

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