Canadians stepping up to combat COVID-19

I’ve always said that Canada needs more Waterloo. Many of our institutions, businesses, and partners have already stepped up to identify equipment or innovative solutions to combat COVID-19 and Canadians from coast to coast to coast are right there with us.

The Government of Canada is harnessing the power of industry in the fight against COVID-19 that will see companies ramp up production of medical supplies to cope with the rapidly increasing number of cases.

“Canada is home to some of the best innovators in the world and, with this new initiative, we will harness their talent and know-how to get through these challenging times,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In Canada provinces and territories are responsible for the delivery health care and we are working with them to determine where gaps exist in the system and to make sure Canada has the supply we need.

We have heard from numerous businesses across Canada including the association representing auto parts manufacturers who’s members are retooling and shifting to the production of medical supplies.

“Our objective is to increase domestic supply so that we have Canadian solutions ready to protect Canadians and we’re putting the full weight of the government behind this plan,” said Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, the Honourable Navdeep Bains.

Public Services and Procurement (PSP) Canada has been coordinating the purchase of goods and services on behalf of the Public Health Agency of Canada and has recently purchased a wide range of protective equipment and supplies, including gloves, masks, lab coats, hand sanitizers and ventilators. “Our goal is to be over-prepared. We are planning for the future by considering both current and future needs as much as possible,” said PSP Minister, the Honourable Anita Anand.

Minister Anand added that the government has so far secured over 11.3 million N95 masks, a number that is well beyond the 7.3 million the provinces, territories and other health organizations have asked for at this point.

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