Bill C-69: Environmental Assessment, Navigable Waters, Energy Regulator

We want a country that works for all Canadians – and that’s why we need to hear from you! Environmental protection is an issue we need to deal with today, and each of us has a role to play. Environment and Climate Change Canada has created new rules regarding environmental assessments, waters, and energy regulation to increase environmental protections and create better pathways for consultation. Bill C-69 proposes several major changes to the federal environmental impact assessment process, legislation regarding navigable waters, and proposes a modernization of the National Energy Board.

With regards to the federal environmental impact assessment process, Bill C-69 repeals the Canada Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA 2012) and creates a new, broader, Impact Assessment Act. Under this new Act, major projects will undergo review to determine environmental, social, economic, and health impacts. The Impact Assessment Act also outlines the creation of an Impact Assessment Agency to carry out impact assessments of projects, creates a more detailed list of what kinds of projects require an impact assessment, creates clearer timelines for project review, and outlines the importance of both Indigenous traditional knowledge and scientific evidence when making recommendations for projects.

The changes to the Navigation Protection Act (Canadian Navigable Waters Act) include a new definition of ‘navigable waters’, the requirement of review and approval for projects that impact any navigable water, mandatory consideration of impacts on Indigenous peoples, and a framework for what the Minister of Environment and Climate Change should consider when approving or rejecting a project.

The Canadian Energy Regulator Act repeals the National Energy Board Act and outlines the creation of a new independent body (the Canadian Energy Regulator) to regulate projects regarding pipelines, oil and gas exploration, power lines, and offshore renewable energy.

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