Canada’s Leadership in the World

Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine has reminded us that the international community is

strongest when it acts together in defence of the values we share. In partnership with like-minded democracies around the world, Canada will continue to stand up to the global threats that recognize no borders.

Budget 2022 invests in national security, providing $8 billion in new funding over five years to respond to cyber security, increasing the capabilities of our armed forces, and doing our part in NATO. 

In the past year, including through Budget 2021, the federal government has announced a range of important programs and initiatives that are advancing Canada’s leadership in the world, including:

  • More than $2.7 billion since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to support low- and middle-income countries, including by providing access to vaccines, therapeutics, and testing;
  • $5.3 billion over five years to double Canada’s international climate financing to help developing countries tackle climate change;
  • $180 million at the Generation Equality Forum to support the economic participation and higher education of women around the world;
  • $847 million over five years to maintain Canada’s military at a higher state of readiness under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Readiness Initiative, and to increase Canada’s contributions to NATO’s common budget and military activities;
  • $252 million over five years, with $160 million in remaining amortization, to lay the groundwork for North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) modernization and sustain existing continental and Arctic defense capabilities;
  • $1.5 billion over three years to the International Development Association to help meet the financing needs of the world’s poorest countries as they recover from the pandemic; and,
  • $3.7 billion, or 20 percent of Canada’s newly allocated IMF Special Drawing Rights, in support of poverty reduction, sustainability, growth, and resiliency in low-income and vulnerable countries to help those who need it most.

Canada is committed to supporting Ukraine and holding Russia accountable. To date in 2022, Canada has supported Ukrainians by committing humanitarian assistance, and $35 million in development assistance to provide direct support to Ukrainians who have been affected by the illegal Russian invasion. We are also welcoming two new immigration streams for Ukrainians.

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