Improving our Justice System

Our Government is committed to ensuring that our criminal justice system is effective, consistent, and keeps communities and victims safe. Through Bill C-75, we are proposing several changes to increase the efficiency and safety of our justice system. These changes include:

  • Streamlining bail processes, to reduce court delays and backlogs
  • Restricting the use of preliminary inquiries, to reduce court delays
  • Ensuring that witnesses and victims do not have to testify more than once
  • Giving police and prosecutors new tools to deal with “Administration of Justice Offences” – offences against the judicial system itself, to reduce court backlogs
  • Addressing the over-representation of Indigenous and marginalized Canadians in our criminal justice system

For more information, read the full text of Bill C-75 here, or read a summary of the Bill here.

To share your input on these proposed changes, please have your say.

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