The 2016 Budget is Good News for Waterloo Region

Budget 2016

“Everyone knows Silicon Valley is the world’s capital of digital technology. But, I’ll tell you, everyone in Silicon Valley knows that Canada’s own Waterloo Region is home to some of the most brilliant, innovative minds and companies in the world. This is a model that Canada can and must build on. We believe that businesses, post-secondary institutions, governments and other stakeholders can work together to accelerate economic growth.“

Hon. Bill Morneau P.C. M.P                                                                                               

Minister of Finance


In electing a new government, millions of Canadians signalled their desire for change. Our government was elected, in part, because we took that desire seriously. We offered Canadians an ambitious new plan for a strong middle class and promised that we would do all we can to help every Canadian succeed. Budget 2016 is an important part of fulfilling that promise. In particular, this budget is about Canadian families. We’ve met with them, we’ve heard their stories and our government shares their concerns. This budget is about the things that matter most to them from providing the best start for young people, to supporting families when they need it most, to investing in infrastructure and to supporting Canada’s ground-breaking research facilities. We promised you a Government that will bring real change, in both things we do and the way we do them, and we are committed to spending the next four years working hard to deliver on those promises.



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